Unravelling the Secrets to Meeting Women in the Daytime

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Natural RonA Day This Product Is LaunchedThe Same Place Where You Are Coming FromOkay, let’s get straight to the point. No beating about the bush.And after all these years of observation, practice and learning, I can tell you what the secret to an active dating life is – . The quality of women in your life, the frequency with which you get laid, your sexual and dating life, the prospects of a healthy stable relationship, everything depends on…how often you meet women regularly.And how are you ever going to meet more women?By (as long as you feel like)…anytime, anywhere…Well, Not ‘Anytime’ Really…We are mainly interested to .I don’t know about you but I always preferred day time dating game. If you are looking just to get laid, then night game sounds okay. But if you want something more than just getting laid, daytime dating game is what you should go for.But sadly to say, hardly are there any good product on the practice of approaching women (leave alone during the daytime) in the ‘seduction community’.Here’s a challenge for you. Show me QUALITY approaching-women products there. Most of them are crappy rehashed products by obscure authors who might be jerking off to internet porn all the time, or big brand companies, who promise more and deliver less.Most of these pickup gurus and dating coaches will generally say, “What the heck! Just go and say anything to her”.But damn! Nobody wants to delve into the whole philosophy, the system that goes into this majestic Art of Approaching Women. More so, there are certain people who promises you that you can MAKE women approach you…another bullshit!And one thing, a woman will almost approach you during the daytime, unless due to some specific reason. The onus is on YOU, buddy.Phew, that sounded quite simple. But that ain’t easy, buddy…hold it.Abundance of hot girls around in tight-fitting sexy dresses and leather boots as if they came just off the ramp, and I mean SUPER HOT, the ones that make people turn their heads and even if the men want to talk to them, their looks automatically scare them away. Imagine.Now, picture these little sexy bitches hanging out at a corner in a shopping mall or caf or club. Previously, they were having fun. This time, they just look so busy doing their thing. You were there at the same place by fate, you caught sight of them and you WANT to approach them. But that crippling fear, boiling inside you, that tells you not to approach, because you ARE going to fail.What do you do now?At this moment, most dating gurus and coaches might tell you to just do it. According to them, this fear is an illusion. True it is, maybe, maybe not. But I will tell you something different.Listen to this FEAR. It’s not joking with you.First, let me introduce myself. I am Natural Ron. I am just another extremely good-looking hunky stud (just kidding, I am only an average guy) and I have been into the seduction community for nearly a decade now. You might already know me from various forums, where I regularly chat with my friends, trying to solve their problems from time to time.My friends call me the “approaching expert”. I have provided them with some cool tips on how to approach women in the most difficult of situations. But most importantly, they think that I have morphed their whole philosophy towards dating women.Well, I am just trying to share what I have learnt all these years. And now I brought out these books.So, I never thought I would be writing something as this. But over the process of improving my game and my dating life, I found something almost life changing.How much time and effort do you need to put into improving your dating life? Not much.We all want to improve our dating life. But we are ignoring one crucial (perhaps the most important) step of all. What is that??What do you need to do right now to get more dates??The answer to these ALL is…Approaching and Meeting More Women Successfully. And that also .Remember, Meeting Her is Half the Battle Won!Heres the kicker. Approaching and opening HOT women during the day time takes more than to just show up in front of them. I NEVER said it is going to be easy. Of course, you can always ask them whats the time is or if theres any good restaurant nearby, that would surely get them talking to you.But I believe opening means – when the girl wants you to be there and wants to talk to you. It is when the girl warms up to you.Unfortunately, if your approach is not powerful enough, once you convey your interest, they will cover themselves in a hard unbreakable shell. To them, you are just like any other average frustrated chump, who is trying to get into their pants.And thats why you have to listen to the fear bubbling inside you. Remember, it tells you what is normally going to happen and you know its true. It has happened couple of times before and will continue to be so UNLESS you know how to make it right.Yes, that’s right. If you are average to their eyes, very beautiful women won’t want to talk to you. Why? Because you are JUST another guy…duh! What special have you got for them to offer?She cannot keep talking to everyone that approaches them. And they don’t want to feel like a slut talking to every bum on the street. Yes, unless you prove otherwise, you are one! It’s understandable.When you approach her, you have to get them to warm up to your presence.And that also, pretty consistently.How do you do that?One thing. Playing the numbers is always a FOOL’S game!How do you do that too?I wanted to learn how to be SUCCESSFUL plus CONSISTENT in my approaches and that I DID!==>> I am not a machine gun soldier. I will rather be a sniper.With a machine gun, I will shoot and some lands on target while some fly away or may even come back at you (figuratively speaking). I would rather be a sniper. Whether I am under cover or not, it is generally on target.And I have found that once the approach anxiety monster realizes that what it foresees is not true, it subsides per se. You do not have to force against it. You do not have to find your way around it. It just goes away on its own.The best way to achieve this state is:We want to reach that place where .Enters The Monster Killer: I Will Help YouI offer you the very “first of its kind” 80-page comprehensive well-composed eBook on…Why do you want this?Well, I have seen many dating authors and gurus churning out stuff only teaching how to approach women. But seldom do they focus on the connection that follows afterwards. To sell their products, it is mostly about how to get your foot in the door.Then, there’s hardly any good product on ” “. You would get thousands of products on night-game approaches, but not ONE on daygame approaches, apart from certain big brand dating gurus and authors, which are “all hype and seldom information”.In this book, I focused mainly on how to successfully approach a woman during the day time. And by approaching a woman, I mean APPROACHING ANY WOMEN YOU WANT, whether older women, younger women, hired guns, saleswomen, bartenders, women on the street, women in the bar, women in the bookstore, women anytime, anywhere!But What’s Still SO Special About This?Most importantly, you will find the unique Cold2Warm model here. Now, what is that I am talking about?Look, my point is you do NOT want to end up doing cold approaches everyday. Sure, you have to. But why not develop your cold approaches into something more…say an abundant, cool alpha social circle?Why should you approach an unknown woman on the street everyday? Yes, that increases your chances of getting a date but we want to leverage that effort into building a whole new social life for ourselves. We want to be able to use one cold approach turn into active social life of ours, don’t we?You have to change from being the guy who approaches women in the cafe to the guy who women come to party with during their weekends .And in this Cold2Warm Model, I teach you that. How to start a cold interaction to build a warm social life for yourself.Let’s approach women, not just for the sake of talking to a woman, BUT for using it in expanding our cool social circle and improving our dating life. But you have got to learn the art, the art of living!…and much more than you expect…trust me.But Wait…It does not end here.Since, this is my first eBook that I have created for my blog readers, I decided to give away a few FREE BONUS EBOOKS along with these as described below.These are all for FREE!Tell you the truth, I actually decided to give the main eBook away for free too, but then again, recognizing the time, energy and money investment that went into creating this whole package ready for you, I am charging a nominal amount of $44.95…ONLY $5.45 (for a short time only).So, you want to go for this awesome package? Download belowIt Is What “They” Think TooHear it from the famous dating gurus of the world who have already read it. Go ahead, buddies!Still some more…And many others who I have not listed down here…Look, I am not a marketer and I am going to shut up now.We are MEN. We got to take our own decisions in life.All I can say that when I started out in this community a few years back, I was totally sincere with myself and even now, I STILL am. I knew what I wanted in life and that too desperately. Left no stones unturned and these package is the result of my effort over all these years.The question is, whether YOU want it or not .And the price is only TOO CHEAP, even less than the cost of a beer mug…!Nothing more to say, buddy. I will probably go out tonight. If you want to live your life the way I do, go grab your life. It’s just lying ahead of you. Go Grab It Now!P.S. – If you want to stop sucking at approaching women during the daytime… P.S.S. – If you want to awe the women with your masculine heat at the very first sight… P.S.S.S. – If you want to build an ultra-interesting social lifestyle for yourself…
Learn the Art of Approaching Women – Better Approaches, More Dates

approaching women was never so easy…find it out here

“A complete guide from how to implement a cold approach to how to build a super charged social lifestyle” – Ron aka Nice Guy

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