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Candle Reaper hardcore M1 scalping system

The Candle Reaper is a hardcore scalping system, where we reap the M1 candles, it is a fast way to make a profit on your account. For this strategy it is advised to use an ECN account (low spread).

The Reaper Control Center is a trade manager expert advisor for MetaTrader 4.
The main functions can be reached by buttons on the chart. It is easy to control your trade with these buttons – SELL, BUY, CLOSE – you can open/close your trade manually. There is an extra button, the REVERSE – you can reverse your trade by pushing this. When you use it, it closes the actual trade and immediately opens a new trade in the other direction.
The RCC is perfectly customizable. All functions are in there that you need while you are trading: SL, TP levels manually or dynamic settings, partial closing, you can also move the SL to zero (protect your trade), following stop, grid options, you can change the settings with the smallest 0.1 pip, it makes screenshots, visual communications.
It takes pictures of every single trade, and saves it to the selected folder. The RCC shows everything on the chart and it continously communicates with you.

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