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Public Records API. Access Vital Records Database – is the only data provider on Net which is providing 105+ Billions of Records Instantly. And no other record-provider offers 9 Vital records dataset on a single API Call. Demo records We are offering lowest API access price compare to other providers. Access all our databases on NO-HIT/NO-PAY basis. And most Important: NO HIDDEN COST.Pricing page We are Genuine Vital Records Provider. All our databases are up-to-date, updated routinely. Each and every record is authentic, fresh and well structured. Databases Our API is currently used by Law Enforcement, Human Resources, Attorneys, consumer public record sites, private investigators, staffing agencies and many more agencies and individuals. Apply for api key Using in my website last 6 months, I’m happy with their data and prompt support. Thanks. SAMUEL TOMPSON United States [Submitted 15 Junly 2016] For my business, I need huage data. This guys are Rock, Good price, fast Tecnical support. Kevin Brown Canada [Submitted 22 April 2016]
Public Records API. Access Vital Records Database –

Access API for Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce, Court, Will, Military, Obituary, Cemetery, Grave, Census, Land & Property, People, Criminal Records

1000 API calls, Valid for 1 month. For small scale users. Monthly payment.

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