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Omnitech Robotics Inc. Home

A product development and engineering design firm with expertise in military, aerospace, marine, medical and commercial product development Omnitech Robotics Inc. is in the business of providing custom engineering, sponsored Research and Development (R&D) and product development for various corporate, government, and military sponsors. We also develop and sell a range of our own products that derive from our prior R&D. We have been recognized for our award winning engineering design capabilities by a variety of organizations including Microsoft, Design News, NASA, DARPA, the US Army and others. We have conducted over $50 million dollars in sponsored R&D, and have refined the process to optimize it for quality, efficiency, speed, and cost effectiveness. Your project will benefit from our extensive experience, and ability to hit the ground running. We have the mind to imagine, and the ability to do. Give us a call to discuss your project idea and how we can help make it better, faster and less expensive than other alternatives. Domestic and international manufacturing liaisons, including China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian sources Motivation – We love what we do, and that keeps us pressing forward, striving to offer you leading edge products and services as fast as possible. Ability – We have the engineering training, experience and talent to engineer leading edge prototypes and products for your markets. Vision – We continually track technology growth in many domains allowing us to monitor and anticipate the rate of change and emergence of new technologies. This allows us to help you position your product designs optimally for a competitive edge. Excellence – We are proud of what we do, and strive to do it well, bringing world class excellence in engineering to the world one customer at a time. Refinement because we are experts at many engineering disciplines, we can trade off and optimize all aspects of your project, offering a superior level of refinement that is exceptional. Imagination – We can create anew or reimagine your product or process, to enhance your products competitive advantage and profitability. Cost Efficiency We offer you high levels of efficiency and value as an engineering design firm due to our fast pace, high productivity, natural engineering ability, and streamlined operational efficiency. KISS The Keep it simple stupid approach goes a long way towards making new designs practical, reliable and value added. Unnecessary complexity is designed out, and core attributes are enhanced and optimized. Call us today and let us help you with your project, plans, R&D or product development project. Whether youre an entrepreneur, an engineering manager, an inventor, a government agency, or a homeowner that just needs a custom part, add the power of Omnitechs skills in engineering design and development to meet or exceed your project goals quickly and affordably.
Omnitech Robotics Inc. Home

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