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These days many people believe getting a job in Nigeria is by knowing people or having a kind of connection, while that might have some elements of truth, what about passing job interviews? Your uncle might connect you to the head of a company, he might even send your CV to them but he wont attend the interview for you.Have you ever wondered why you applied to many places and they invite you for job interviews but you never get to hear anything from them afterwards? Im sure youd agree with me that you were invited for the job interview because they think youre qualified, but you probably broke their hearts after they interview you and you didnt impress them enough and thats why you never get called back.Youve attended several job interviews with no employment You just finished your NYSCYoure almost through with NYSCYoure about to go for NYSCYou have someone looking for jobExperience they say is the best teacher, but it doesn’t have to be your own experience, that’s why you should invest a token into your future today by getting this eBook before your next job interview!Getting this eBook will be one of the best decisions you will make as a job seeker in 2018 as it unveils several secrets, among which are:
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