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Internet Marketing Video Vault

How To Videos On Starting Internet Marketing Dear Friend, Do you find it difficult to make money online because there are simply so many nitty gritty stuff that you have to master? Maybe you’ve often wished there was a video vault which contains all the tutorial videos for the most common topics of Internet marketing… If that’s what you’ve been looking for, the “IM Video Vault” is exactly what you need! With “Internet Marketing Video Vault”, you’ll receive instant access to a comprehensive set of THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing. You can easily refer to this set of videos whenever you face a problem of not knowing how to do something… Or you could even pass these videos to your own outsourcers so that they can help you complete any of the tasks required. PLUS, you get the exclusive opportunity to resell this awesome set of videos to your own customers and keep the full profits as well! Before I share more on that, let’s take a look at the full set of THIRTY Internet Marketing tutorial videos that you’ll be receiving: Video 1: How To Register A Domain Name The first step to setting up a website on your own server is to register a domain name. This video shows you how to register a domain name on In order to make your website live and accessible to other people, you need a hosting account to host your website. This video shows you how to choose & register a web hosting provider. Video 3: How To Set Up Name Server For Your Domains Whenever you register a new domain name, you need to setup the name server with the one provided your web host in order to make your website display properly. This video shows you how to set up a name server for your domains. Video 4: How To Upload Files Via FTP In order to upload files onto your website’s server, you need to make use of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.. This video shows you how to upload files via a free FTP program. Video marketing is one of the hottest topics currently and is without a doubt the most popular video sharing site on the entire Internet.. This video shows you how to register a youtube account and upload a video. Video 6: How to Register & Use Skype You can talk to anyone on Skype, anywhere in the world, for free with a Skype-to-Skype call. This video shows you how to register a Skype account and use it to make calls. WordPress is probably the most popular blogging platform for Internet marketers. You can actually setup a free wordpress blog hosted on This video shows you how to setup a free wordpress blog. Video 8: How To Setup And Optimize Your Twitter Account Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites on the entire Internet with over 200 million users! This video shows you how to setup and optimize your twitter account. Video 9: How To Add Paypal Order Buttons To Your Website Paypal is the most common online payment processor used by Internet marketers. This video shows you how to add a Paypal order button to your website. Video 10: How to Use Google Trends Google trends allows you to identify the latest trends that is happening online at any point of time. This video shows you how to use Google trends to spot new trends. Video 11: How to Use Jing Take Screenshots of Any Website Jing is a free software that allows you to take a picture or make a short video of what you see on your computer monitor and share it instantly via web, email, IM, Twitter or your blog. This video shows you how to use Jing to take screenshots of any website. Video 12: How to Check Your Stats Using Awstats It’s really important for you to track your website traffic statistics so you know which areas is working well for you. AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced server statistics reports based on your server logs.This video shows you how to check your stats using Awstats. Facebook fan pages are an excellent way to build a strong presence on the Internet as well as to communicate with your customers online. This video shows you how to create a Facebook fan page. Video 14: How To Set Up MySQL Databases For Your Website A MySQL database is basically a relational database management system that runs as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. When installing some scripts, you’re required to set up a MySQL database. This video shows you how to set up MySQL databases for your website. Video 15: How To Setup An AWeber Autoresponder Account In order to build a subscribers list, you need an autoresponder account so as to collect your prospects’ details. Aweber is one of the most popular autoresponder services available online. This video shows you how to setup an Aweber autoresponder account. Video 16: How to Quickly Create Your Own eCovers One of the ways to boost your sales copy’s conversions is to use professional looking ecovers for your product. Of course, not everyone is able to fork out huge amounts for graphics designers.This video shows you how to quickly create your own ecovers. Video 17: How to Cloak An Affiliate Link With Tinyurl It’s always recommended that you cloak your affiliate links so as to make it look nicer and prevent your commissions from being stolen by other affiliates. One of the easiest ways to cloak an affiliate link is by using This video shows you how to cloak an affiliate link with Tunyurl. Video 18: How To Set Up Domain Redirects Another alternative way of masking your affiliate link is by using domain redirects. This video shows you how to setup domain redirects for affiliate marketing. Video 19: How To Optimize Your Website Title Tags For SEO Search eninge optimization (SEO) refers to the optimizing of one’s website in order to rank high on the search engines. And a vital component of on-page optimization is by inserting your keyword into your website’s title tags.This video shows you how to optimize your website title tags for SEO. Video 20: How to Host Your Website For Free While it is recommended to select a reliable and professional web host, there could be various reasons why you might want to use a free web host to host your website.This video shows you how to host your website for free. There are many website marketplaces that allow you to buy and sell websites and is the most popular website marketplace on the Internet. This video shows you how to register a Flippa account. If you wish to send several computer files to someone, it is best to compress or zip it into one single .zip file. Doing so also allows you to compress the file size and make it easier to transfer. This video shows you how to create a zip file using a free program. If you’re selling information products, you will need to setup automatic delivery of your downloads. So you will need to redirect your customers to a download page after they purchase. This video shows you how to create a download page. The most common type of information products to sell online is an ebook. And you will need to convert your ebook into a PDF file. This video shows you how to create a PDF file for free. Video 25: How to Surf the Web With Complete Privacy There could be times when you want to surf websites online without revealing your true IP address for privacy reasons. This video shows you how to surf the web with complete privacy. Video 26: How to Register for A Forum & Edit Your Forum Signature Forums are a great place to network with like minded individuals as well as to build up your authority status online. This video shows you how to register for a forum and edit your forum signature. It’s really important for you to track your website traffic statistics so you know which areas is working well for you. Google Analytics allow you track where your visitors are coming from and even sales conversions.This video shows you how to setup Google Analytics. Video 28: How to Submit An Article to An Article Directory Article marketing is one of the most traditional traffic generation techniques and is still ever effective.This video shows you how to submit an article to an article directory in return for backlinks and traffic. Gmail is one of the most popular email service providers on the Internet, especially with Internet marketers.This video shows you how to import and export Gmail contacts. Video 30: How To Determine Your Website’s Alexa Ranking Alexa is a company that measures web traffic on almost every website on the internet through their increasingly popular toolbar plugin. So your Alexa ranking basically shows how much traffic your website gets as compared to other websites with a lower rank representing a higher visitor count. This video shows you how to determine your website’s alexa ranking. Click On The Play Button Below To Watch A Sample You get the private label rights to all THIRTY videos and you’ll also receive all the video source files as well. PLUS, you also get a sales copy plus the minisite graphics so you can load this onto your server and start selling it almost immediately! The ONLY restriction is that you can’t sell or give away the private label rights to this set of videos directly! Aside from that, you can practically do anything you like with this awesome set of thirty videos! Watch these videos yourself whenever you are unsure of how to perform any of the tasks! Sell personal rights to the whole package of thirty videos online for full profits! Sell resell rights to the whole package of thirty videos online and charge a higher price! Offer downloadable video tutorials for your customers (never have to deal with tricky support issues and make your customers extremely satisfied!) Stream the videos and place it under a training section on your website (this will brand you as an expert and create a ton of raving fans!) Package the videos as a physical DVD product and sell it offline for a much higher price! Offer the video tutorials as bonuses to your paid products (this will boost your conversions surely!) Pass these videos on to your freelancers or employees (so they can help you complete these tasks while you work on the more important aspects of your business!) Bonus If You Take Action Now To View Sales Page That Comes With Yes you read that RIGHT! Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If you do not feel like you’ve received over TEN times the value for the price you paid for this package, I don’t want your money. If for ANY reason, you aren’t thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within the next 60 days and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. When you take a look at what you’ll be getting altogether, you can see how easy it will be for me to ask for $27. But I like to over-deliver. It’s good for my reputation. That’s why I’ve decided to keep it at just $9.97 For the first 100 copies to be sold, you will want get your copy today! Click Below To Order Now For Only P.S. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose! With my 60 day money back guarantee, this investment is completely risk-free! So get it now before the price goes back to $27! Watch And Learn – Then Sell And Earn (c) Copyright 2014
Internet Marketing Video Vault

THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing.

THIRTY tutorial videos which walk you through all the important tasks of internet marketing.

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