HSV Eraser Boost

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HSV-Eraser Boost

And now that you’ve invested in HSV-Eraser, you’ll be 100% free from herpes in just 3 weeks from now.Which means that even if you went back and got tested for HSV-1 or HSV-2…Your results would come back NEGATIVE (just like mine did).It’s a lot like having your bad credit erased from permanent record… as though it NEVER EXISTED.Then let me share one last CRUCIAL piece of information with youbecause we recently found a way to cure your herpes even faster.Now you might be wondering why you didn’t hear about this breakthrough “booster” inside the presentation you just saw…And I promise to tell you EXACTLY why in a few moments…But to understand how we made this discovery, first you need a little bit of background.It all started after Dr. Languin and I continued our testing and studies on patients who used HSV-Eraser to cure their herpes…And we discovered how devastating the UNSEEN “scarring” from herpes and drugs like Valtrex still have on your body after the virus is erased.Things like numbness or coldness in your hands and feet (nerve damage)…Blurred vision from damage to your optical nerves…And even certain types of cancers.But the GOOD news is…When we experimented with dozens of ways to repair the horrible damage herpes left behind… we discovered aNow, as promised, let me fully explain why you’re only just hearing about this amazing “accelerator” right now…Because I know you’re asking yourself…Well, the answer is, we TRIED to…But in order to go back and create a brand-new product that included all of our most recent findings, along with the entire contents of our HSV-Eraser protocol…The total cost for you would have been astronomical!We couldn’t let that happen… especially because I personally know how horrible and expensive the herpes virus is to begin with.So as a temporary shortcut, we decided to offer it as a special “booster” bonus for a short amount of time.All you have to do is make a few additions to HSV-Eraser…Which we’ve made extremely simple for you inside this brand-new booster pack…And you’ll not only FAST-FORWARD the extermination of herpes in your body…But also repair the internal damage done to your organs and immune system…Especially if you’ve ever taken drugs like Valtrex, Acyclovir, or even over-the-counter painkillers.And if you’re a little confused how it works, let me ask you this:Have you ever been to the gym, and you wanted to quicken the results of your training regimen…So your trainer told you to drink a protein shake after your workout?Well, that’s because protein gives your body that extra boost it needs to heal itself faster…Enabling your muscles to recover in 1 single day instead of waiting through 72 hours of achy pain without the extra relief.Well, not only will this HSV-Eraser “booster” regimen cut down the time it takes to cure your herpes…It will scour away all of the destruction that herpes AND drugs like Valtrex wreaked on your body…Which is crucial for your recovery and lifelong health. It’s called:And here’s a preview of what comes inside…Maximizer “Prescription” Recipes: You’ll get our potent, all-natural recipes proven to maximize HSV-Eraser for FASTER results…And see exactly what to avoid during your short road to recoverythings you’d never imagine… like Lysine, Echinacea and honey…All while knocking out your herpes virus FOREVER (in less than half the time of HSV-Eraser alone).Best of all, it requires nothing more than a few small additions to your eating and lifestyle (all of which we’ve listed out for you).PLUS, this mega-booster does so many other things for your long-term immunities:And since you’ve already invested in HSV-Eraser…You’ll be upgraded to our VIP “bedside” customer service status, so you can get ALL your questions answered by my own team of experts… And please note, background checks are performed on the entire team. They have all signed confidentiality agreements to ensure your privacy is of upmost importance.VIP concierge customer service means that my expert medical team will answer any questions IMMEDIATELY…And to ensure you’re 100% satisfied, if there is any question my team can’t handle… I will PERSONALLY respond to you with an answer.Now, as a doctor, I normally charge hourly for personal service visits… But when you upgrade today by adding this must-have booster pack, you’ll gain unlimited access to my team 24/7 for FREE.This Guide offers extremely valuable information on the ways those annoying problems caused by hemorrhoids are gone for good.Well, throughout our ongoing research and testing for HSV-Eraser BOOST…We also discovered solutions for many other conditions…You dont want to keep having these issues, or watch your friends or a family member having it. It is disturbing and shaming…Without mentioning the painful and expensive procedures that many doctors recommend (getting a rubber band ligation injection therapy or sclerotherapy)…Why not Erase The Pain Entirely without any medication, surgery or expensive treatments?Because it’s the final step you need to completely regenerate a healthy and STD-free body.And just to show you how extraordinary this all-new “enhancer pack” is, I want to share a few letters with you…As you can see, the results of using these products together really do speak loud and clear…But our ability to offer HSV-Eraser BOOST as a special add-on bonus is only a TEMPORARY shortcut…Because once we officially combine both products into one massive cure-all, we won’t be able to give it to you for the discount of $399 $49.05!But as long as you click below to add it to your order TODAY, we can stick to that deal…So if you want to save money, and speed up the effects of HSV-Eraser…Plus eradicate all the damage and scarring that herpes has done to your body…While bulletproofing your entire immune system to kill any attackincluding other STDs…Then just click the button below to add this special booster bonus to your existing order.This amazing enhancer is waiting for you right now… but it won’t be here for long.As long as you click that button NOW, you’ll be able to get it right alongside HSV-Eraser…The maximizer “prescription” recipes, the expanded list of alternative food choices, the VIP customer service upgrade… all of it.Plus, just like with HSV-Eraser, your investment today will be covered by our full 60-Day, Money Back Guarantee.So if for any reason you’re not happy with this incredible mega-booster to HSV-Eraser, or you simply change your mind…Which, trust me, you WON’T…Just send an email and we’ll refund your entire investment with no questions asked.Dr. Languin and I are SO excited that you’ve joined our community…Please be sure to send us your success story, so we can spread the word!I can’t wait to hear of your great results,
HSV-Eraser Boost

This product helps you to accelerate healing process and have no outbreak again!

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