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Are You Ready For a Big Change Feel free to watch the introduction video of my new work. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch the video. I am a full time Forex trader. Years ago I found a lucrative way to make money from the comfort of my home. I was introduced to the biggest financial market in the world Forex. And like many other newbie traders out there I had lost my money several times before I started seeing consistency in my profits. I learnt so many strategies so I can’t even say how many but there were really many of ones. Lately I created a reliable and lucrative method to trade Forex that now I have successfully put into code and converted to an easy to use buy and sell trading system that works in all market conditions with great results. If you are reading this page it means you have been looking for a profitable forex strategy, for an accurate forex system to make a living from the comfort of your home. Luckily for you I have such a strategy. What is trading Holy Grail for you? Every person may have his or her own understanding of the matter but I am sure there will be one thing common in all answers. Traders are looking for a reliable strategy that will consistently grow their accounts. Believe me with my system you can do exactly this, you can grow your account easily like you never thought possible before. I am not saying my system will give you 100% win rate. You know there are so many things influence the market behavior so you simply cannot predict every market move. So this is too close to that Holy Grail you probably dreamed about. I do not know what the Forex Holy Grail strategy is for you but personally for me the Holy Grail trading strategy should have the following advantages: Let’s talk about all these three aspects above in details so you will be able to understand how the winning strategy should look like and what principles I based my strategy on. My trading system provides high win rate so you will really be able to win most of your trades easily with my trading system. I know probably you heard it many times. There are many trading systems out there on the Internet which are advertised as highly accurate. But are they really so accurate as their sellers say? In most cases NO! Why? I know the answer. Becuase their systems are based on old principles that do not work nowadays. Even if the system is good and provides you with decent results, those results in most cases are not consistent. Moreover the majority of Forex systems are not easy to learn and apply. All of these things lead to inconsistency in results influencing your overall win ratio. Say NO to that old stuff that do not work as advertised. I invite you to a completely new world of Forex trading where trading is easy, stressless and rewarding. Why is my system better? 1. There is almost no learning curve in my system. 2. My system is based on a compeltely new approach to trading. 3. It provides good results consistently with high win rate. Some strategies are good in trending market, some are good for ranging market. But you can not be truly successful in trading if your strategy does not work in all market conditions. But if your strategy is able to deal both with ranging as well as trending market, your results would be different in your favor. Whatever you think but real money are made only when the market moves, in other words when there is trend. My trading system will help you avoid most of false signals caused by flat market conditions, and this gives you a great advantage as a trader. You will be able to move with the market wihtout fear of being whipsawed. My strategy works nicely in any market conditions. There are hundreds of different strategies on the market and usually the majority of ones are too complex to implement. Some traders think that if they have many indicators on their charts they would be able to take better trades. It is not true. Reality is different! In fact the more indicators you have on your chart the more difficult it will be to trade. Why? Because it leads to confusion. It will be difficult to see the real picture of the market as the indicators will be providing you with contradicting market information that will lead you to confusion. In my trading system I use only three indicators and they are more than enough to trade profitably. How is it possible? It is possible because I managed to combine my best custom programmed indicators into several modules which represent parts of the whole system. Each module can be used separately or in conjunction with other modules of the system. As a result I do not need to use a bunch of indicators on my chart, instead I use only three! And one of the system’s modules is the indicator which I call the Golden Eagle. This powerful indicator is one of the system’s components which leads to consistent winners in Forex. What is the Secret Behind the Golden Eagle? My winning method put into indicator’s code is a trading strategy which was designed to predict true direction of a financial instrument. It can be applied to all financial instruments. My indicator will help you stay on the safe side of the market in any trading session, any time of the day. There is no exaggeration in my words. This is a very powerful and reliable trading tool. As I told you earlier, I have been trading for years already and learnt many forex strategies and theories. The most exciting and inspiring for me was to learn and apply trading techniques by a well known trader and mathematician of the past Mr. W.D. Gann. William D. Gann (1878-1955) was a legendary trader who developed several unique tools for the price movement analysis. He created a unique and very complex combination of mathematical and geometric principles of analysis. My indicator is based on one of W. D. Gann’s methods for the time axis. It uses past market reversal points and applies the mathematical formula for the method and then makes projections into the future. A date and time where future projections line up is called a time cluster. These time clusters are calculated by the indicator. A time cluster will result in a market reversal point forming after the signal. Though the method itself is pretty powerful, I decided to go further and added support and resistance levels based on W.D. Gann to make the indicator’s signals as accurate as possibe. I believe the combination of these two accurate price predictions methods can provide much better results when applied together. Recently I have made a new update to my software. The algorithm has been improved and allows using the indicator with any pair and any time frame. You can use it for scalping, day trading and long term trading. Just look at the screenshots I made with the new version of the Golden Eagle. These are recent signals which represent different time frames and pairs. IT IS SO EASY TO MAKE PIPS WITH The indicator is also able to provide trader with re-entry signals. In case you miss a signal you will have the opportunity to ride it some time later when appropriate and the indicator will tell you when the right moment for re-entry is. In most cases the price will retrace back to the entry point at least once which makes those re-entry signals are of high importance and useful. You do not need to sit all day long before your charts as you will always have the time to enter the trade with the re-entry signals in case you missed the main signal generated by the indicator. The indicator has also a newly added in-built feature that gives you the opportunity to add up your trading positions. This feature is included for traders who prefer to take as much profit from the market as possible. W.D. Gann’s methods are perfect for designing the best forex trading system but but my trading experience told me to add to the system such indicators as RSI and Moving Average. As you know the RSI indicator calculates the current strength of the currency and the Moving Average indicator show the trend or the price’s direction and at the same time serves as support and resistance as well. By adding these two indicators with certain optimized parameters to my trading system allowed me to make the signals of my indicator even more accurate and powerful. In fact I managed to design the most accurate prediction trading tool I have ever used in my trading career. This is a true Forex Holy Grail for me as it can be used in several ways. You can use it for day, medium term trading, long term trading and even scalping too. Whatever trading style you prefer you will find this tool useful and profitable. My indicator removes all the guesswork out of trading decisions. It helps keep emotions calm and trade mechanically. No need to adjust any settings, no need to optimize anything in the indicator. All you have to do is open a MetaTrader 4 chart, then load the indicator. That’s it, you’re ready to trade. Once there is a possible trading opportunity you will be notified by the sound alarm. You can also choose to receive message alert and email notification. This indicator will be a good tool to start with for newbie traders and a good tool for seasoned traders as well, who will use it as a part of the whole trading system which I provide. As you already know, my trading system is actually more than one indicator. The TRUE POWER is in the fusion of the tools. The Golden Eagle is only the one of several software modules used in my whole Forex Holy Grail System. By purchasing my Forex Holy Grail system you will get all the trading modules of my system which I use. The next trading system module I want you to introduce to is a unique piece of software which is called The Universal Trader. The Universal Trader is a truly universal trading system which can be used with any financial instrument and on any time frame. You can trade currencies, metals, stocks, indices, anything that can be displayed on the chart. The system employs professional approach to trading and can be used by traders with any level of trading experience. It does not matter if you are a newbie trader or a professional trader, the Universal Trader will be a great help for you in everyday trading. This add-on module is based on sound classic universal trading theory and Volume Spread Analysis. Volume Spread Analysis or simply VSA is a proven methodology of analyzing financial markets. First developed by Richard D. Wyckoff, one of the most successful Wall Street traders of all time, in the 1900s, and perfected by Tom Williams, during the time he was a syndicate trader for 15 years based in London in the 1960s-1970s. Other very successful Wall Street traders like William O’Neill use it as well. It’s based on supply and demand, which governs any market, and not anything else: no technical indicators, no price patterns, just pure price and volume action. Any business where there is money to be made there are professionals: Art has professional traders, poker has professional players, betting has professional betters, and likewise financial markets have professional traders. Being successful in the markets is all about following the footsteps of the ‘sharks’ of this game: market operators, pit traders, market-makers, syndicate traders and top professional traders. The purpose of VSA is to show you what the professionals are doing by analyzing the price movements and volumes, and profit with that knowledge! VSA can be used in all markets and with different timeframes, the trader just needs a volume histogram in his price charts. In some markets like the stock market or the futures market, actual transaction volumes are available, yet in other markets – like forex which isn’t centralized – actual volume numbers are not available. However, this doesn’t mean that a trader can’t analyze foreign exchange market volumes, he must simply analyze the volume observed on each tick. Forex volume can be represented by the amount of activity observed in each bar or candlestick. One must keep in mind that the big professional traders are heavily involved if there is a lot of activity on a candlestick. Conversely, a low level of activity means that professional traders are abstaining from the movement. Each scenario can have implications on the balance of supply and demand, thereby helping the trader identify a probable direction of the market in the short to medium term. VSA looks for differences between supply and demand that are primarily created by the major forex players: professional traders, institutions, banks and market makers. The transactions of these professional traders are plainly visible on a chart, assuming that you’re a forex trader who knows how to read them. My software automatically reads the charts and analyse the price by means of VSA analysis. Even if you know nothing about VSA, you can successfully trade with the Universal Trader add-on as the software will do all analysis work for you. All you need is follow the signals. That’s it! Look at how the Universal Trader works BUT EVEN THIS IS NOT ALL… I have another component of my system to show you. And this system’s module is worth of thousands! I call it a Swing Trader. The Swing Trader is a special module of my Forex Holy Grail system which can be used in several ways like a truly universal trading tool. It will work with any forex pair and other financial instruments. First of all this module is used for swing trading on D1 and H4 time frame. Just look at the screenshots below to see how accurate my Swing Trader is. Also this tool will be pretty good for BUY and SELL trading on other time frames. Just watch the video below and see how accurate the indicator is. I used the in-built signals filter in the indicator shown in the video below. You can increase and decrease the sensitivity of the indicator by changing only one parameter. Here in the video below, you can see some recent signals on EURUSD M5 chart. Just imagine your possibilities on higher time frames for which it was originally designed. Look again at the screenshots above from H4 and Daily charts. These are real signals! If you prefer day trading and scalping, no problem, you still can use this tool successfully. But that’s not all. You can use this tool for exits too. For most traders it is difficult to find a good and timely exit point for their trades. But with my Swing Trader module you can find better timely exit points much efficiently on lower time frames. Please look at the screenshots below. New module of the system released September 2015 Now it is time to show you something new and amazing! You have already probably noticed in the beginning of this sales page I wrote about new update which recently became available for my clients. Though I consider this as update, well, believe me this is actually not just update; this is absolutely new set of tools and training which I could be selling as separate product. But I promised my clients to provide ongoing support and tools. I promised them to give more than they expect to get. This is actually what I like most – providing true big value to all my clients who put their trust in me. I am happy to introduce my new work to you which I call the Miracle of Forex Trading. Let me introduce my new tools to you. Please note these tools come with detailed guide which will help you understand how to use the indicators correctly. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshot below. This tool is based on my method used to detect reversals. This indicator employs market volume analysis. The idea of the indicator is to predict the moment when the volume of the price is big enough during certain period of time. It also uses support and resistance levels calculated with the help of volume as well. I called ones as volume support and resistance. So the price needs to fulfill some certain volume requirements and meet one of volume support and resistance levels. These levels are formed in real time. Once all conditions are met, it generates an arrow: Green or Red. When we see a green arrow, it means this is a BUY signal. Red arrow means SELL signal. Though techniques based on volume market analysis are considered to be very effective, this indicator cannot predict all tops and bottoms of the market with 100% accuracy. The reason is in the price strength. Sometimes the market is driven by news for a pretty long time. Though the price can meet the volume support or resistance level, it is not a guarantee this will be a big reversal. The indicator detects reversals with high accuracy but we never know how strong that reversal will be. There are times when price moves like a train and cannot stop right away thus providing us with a small reversal only or price correction signal. But also there are situations when the indicator predicts exact top and bottoms of the price with the accuracy to one pip predicting huge reversal moves! You can use this indicator with any time frame or trading pair. You will receive the trading guide where you will learn how to use this tool correctly. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshot below. This is another arrow indicator which also uses volume analysis to generate signals. But the beauty of this indicator is in its ability to give signals with the trend taking into consideration the cycling nature of market. It identifies the current trend on the time frame and gives the signal in the direction of the trend. The signal is generated when there is a sign of a new price cycle forming along with certain volume strength. So this indicator is great for entries with the trend and timely exits as well. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshot below. This is a trend indicator which is designed to show overall trend on current time frame. It will help you stay with the trend and take better entries. Remember trend is your friend and this indicator should also be your friend in your everyday trading business. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshot below. This indicator is just a yellow line with 5 levels of 0, 20, 50, 80, 100. The indicator can be used like an ordinary oscillator like Stochastic which can show overbought and oversold zones. For this purpose I even integrated a special alert which triggers when the yellow line touches the 0 or 100 level. Such levels are great reversal zones. In case you trade with the trend, the indicator can help you choose great entries with tight SL. But thats not all about this indicator. I will show you how to use it as a tool to work with cycling markets nature. This tool is great in regards to market cycles and you will understand why, when I will be telling you how to use it in the trading guide you will receive after purchase. I will teach you how to calculate optimal Stop Loss and Take Profit distance using the cycling nature of the market. Moreover I will teach you how to calculate best entries using the same market’s natural laws. Believe me, you will not find this information anywhere else. These are my proprietary techniques which you can apply with any trading strategy. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshot below. This is a volume based indicator. It is designed to detect volume changes in the market. But this is definitely not an ordinary volume indicator. This great tool is based on unique volume measuring method. And which is most important thing about it it is very easy to use in comparison to many other volume indicators available for traders. My volume indicator has only green and red candles where green means BUYING VOLUME and RED means SELLING VOLUME. Volume candles are of different sizes. The bigger the candle the bigger the reversal power is. Of course we do not sell and buy with every signal. There is special trading method in regards to the implementation of this indicator. All other volume indicators show increase in volume when price is already going UP or DOWN. When the price is moving down and the volume increasing, ordinary volume indicators simply confirms the movement of the price. The same for up move, the volume increasing and the indicators show this as a fact. When the volume is high it is a sign of possible big move. But my indicator works in a different way. My indicator predicts price reversals. It detects the increase of buying volume when the price going down and it detects increase of selling volume when the price is going UP. The higher the candle the more volume is brought to the market. The indicator is best to use for better entries in the direction of the main price cycle because it easily finds the end of price correction or minor cycle which is the sign of trend continuation. The indicator can also be used to predict overall reversal as well. I will tell you more about my indicators, market volume analysis and natural market laws on the pages of the trading guide. You will learn how to combine all these things which will help you become a better trader. Well, I am not going to use usual marketing fluff here. Instead I will tell you the price right away. It will cost you $297 to get your hands on all modules of my complete trading system. I believe this price tag is not too much at all. In my early days of trading I would be happy to pay thousands for such a system like the one I am offering you. But unfortunately no one could provide me with a similar system. Luckily you do not need to spend that much money, time and efforts I spent in order to come to the true winning method of trading. I did it and now I would like to share my knowledge with other traders. Some people ask me why do I sell it if this is a so good system that can make me money in Forex trading? They ask what is the reason to share it with others? You know, I do not see anything bad at all in the opportunity to help other fellow traders change their lives for the better. Yes I make some additional money by selling this system. But the money I make from selling this system is actually a drop in the ocean in comparison to the returns I get from trading Forex. So for me selling this system is really a hobby and the opportunity to help other people. Some people also tell me I should give my tools for free in case I am already succesful and make good money out of trading. In other words why do I ask money for my tools and training? Here is my question and the answer to those people: why should I do this for free? I’ve put much effort into creation of my tools and strategies. Moreover I provide ongoing support to my clients, provide updates of my software, share some of my other tools with them. Why should I do all these things for free? After all, I spend much of my time working on this project and I want my efforts to be compensated somehow. I do not see anything wrong in my desire to help other people become better traders and at the same time to be paid for my work. I’m glad I have the chance to share the tools and training with you that can help you make consistent profits trading Forex. Why should I keep it a secret? The Forex market is too big! I’m not afraid of forex brokers or any kind of traders competition at all. My product has nothing in common with all of those forex products sold on the Internet. By the way, there are many forex systems out there being sold for much higher price and those systems even are not worth the hosting fee their sellers pay to host their sales pages. I could be selling my system for any price I want and it would be worth each and every penny I ask for it, becuase my trading tools and training do really work! I truly believe the price I set for my trading system is affordable taking into consideration the fact you can make much more than this in your first week or even days of trading with my software and training. By purchasing my system you will get all my software system modules you read about above on this page. You will also get free unlimited support from me including software updates and other additional tools I may create. So you pay only once for ongoing value you will have by becoming my client. In my turn I will do my best to help you on your way to your personal trading success! Do you remember the title of my system? You have finally found what you have been searching for so long time. This is your personal Forex Holy Grail trading system! Well I have said everything I wanted to say here. Thank You for your interest in my services! Now the choice is yours… If you have any questions please feel free to contact me
Forex Holy Grail – Best Forex Indicators and Forex Training

Forex Holy Grail is a professional trading system designed to trade Forex. The system provides training and unique trading software developed by an experienced trader.

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