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Are You Ready to Relax? Stop Smoking? Lose Weight?Hypnosis Works! You Can Achieve Your Goals!Welcome to this exciting opportunity to choose the thinking that can create the life you wish to live. There is simply no better way to get an idea into the subconscious than through hypnosis. You can learn how to access the transforming power within you and use this transforming power to control or lose weight, stop panic attacks, reduce stress, stop smoking, end addictions, stop negative thinking and improve self esteem and self image.Hypnosis is the very unusual combination of attaining a deep level of relaxation coupled with a deep level of concentration. It does not seem that these two could happen at the same time, but that is precisely what does happen. With a trained hypnotherapist to guide you, you access these areas of heightened or focused attention on purpose to attain a desired outcome. Hypnotherapists have been trained to use these mental states to introduce specific ideas, suggestions and recommendations to your sub-conscience. In doing so, you can achieve the effects and the benefits that you wish to achieve because your subconcious remembers the ideas and suggestions.
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Ask any gastroenterologist…IBS and stress are kissing cousins! This Breakthrough Hypnosis audio CD is tailored to specifically address the link between stress and bad gut reactions and help you control the pain IBS causes..

Prevention Magazine published an article that stated that hypnosis should be the treatment of choice for IBS. The article went on to say that people who treated their IBS with hypnosis had an astounding success rate of 80%. This statement was made by the chairperson of the National Womens Health Network in Washington, DC.

Do not doubt the interrelationship of stress and suffering from IBS…this CD is a true learning experience of how to deal with stress aimed specifically at IBS sufferers. Behavioral and relaxation interventions clearly reduce arousal (pain). Hypnosis, because of its capacity for invoking intense relaxation.

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