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Diagnosis And Treatment Device Medicomat-14


Diagnosis And Treatment Device – Medicomat It is known that all the internal organs and body parts have their own acupuncture points on the external ear. Simply insert the ear-fitting electrodes into the ears and apparatus will fully automatically monitor

Vector NLS Diagnostic and Therapy Medicomat-38


Bioresonance Vector 8D-LRIS System – Medicomat-38 Note: This machine comes with computer- Faster and stable vector bioresonance LRIS NLS health analyzer- Advanced Eight-core processors- The detection speed is very quick- Average time of scanning, 2-3 seconds- Defines in more detail

Weight Loss and Beauty Medicomat-10W


medicomat10.htm – Healthcare at Home Chronic pain may worsen in response to environmental and/or psychological factors. There are a variety of treatment options for people with chronic pain. The goal of pain management is to provide symptom relief and

Laser Tens Instrument Medicomat-19


medicomat19.htm – Healthcare at Home Medicomat.commedicomat19.htm, Healthcare at Home Medicomat Fully Automatic Home Cure medicomat19.htm treats and relieve pains Fully Automatic Treatment at Home: – Laser Therapy – Ear Acupoint Automatic Therapy – Low-Frequency Pulse Therapy. Fully Automatic Treatment: Auto-selection

Diacom NLS Diagnostic and Therapy Medicomat-36 with Laptop


medicomat36.htm – Healthcare at Home Medicomat.commedicomat36.htm, Healthcare at Home Medicomat Fully Automatic Home Cure medicomat36.htm treats and relieve pains Complete Health Check with Bio-Resonance Scan * Diacom Computer Diagnostic Non-linear System (NLS) * Frequency Treatment * 30 Minute Examination *

Dual Therapy Machine Medicomat-34


medicomat34.htm – Healthcare at Home Medicomat.commedicomat34.htm, Healthcare at Home. Medicomat medicomat34.htm New patented device performs comfortable, fully automatic and highly efficient electronic acupuncture stimulation massage. Medicomat-34 is the latest highly effective self-cure mini machine from the Medicomat® series which fully