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Discover How You Can Easily Copy This System Right Now You Can Start, Run and Grow Your Own Highly Profitable Software Empire Without Knowing the First Thing About Programming, Scripting Or Any Coder Stuff Seriously, There’s Never Been An Easier Way To Generate Massive, Passive Income Online; & You Can Be Up & Running Within The Hour! *If You Dont Take Advantage Of This Now, Youll Surely Hate Yourself Later. If you ever wanted to be proud owner of a highly profitable online business, this could be your best chance Finally, A Proven Way To Profit From The Trillion Dollar Software Industry Discover How Were Earning A Solid With Our Very Own Software Business Without Knowing A Thing About Programming Or Software Development Listen carefully, time is running out, and you might be too late already! Weve only a limited spots available and the log shows thousands of people are trying to sneak their way into this page right nowWe dont know how you got here, but consider yourself very lucky! Because, youre closer than ever to getting your hands on an extensively tested, fully proven & documented to work completely automated software business system hances are you never in a million years imagined that could make huge profits from owning (yes owning) high demand software products You may have heard that it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars, years at university or technical school, and a genius-like knowledge of programming languages to even get started as a software marketer, let alone be a software millionaire! Right!.. Well, we know why some of the so called marketing Gurus make software business out to be so hard. Its because they know exactly how profitable it is, thats why they are always trying to corner the market for themselves! Im not trying to sound like a conspiracy theorist here Its downright WEIRD that people are so in the dark about software business and assume you have to be a highly talented programmer to be in this business. That doesnt have to be the case anymore. Now you have this once in a lifetime opportunity regardless of race, background or financial status you can make an absolute killing from your very own highly profitable software business >> Even if you have no idea about how software works >> Even if you wouldnt recognize CODE if someone hit you with it! The fact is that anyone can make insane amount of profit with software business, quit their day jobs, reinvest their profits to develop and grow their software venture into a multi-million dollar thriving online empire. Well, most of us take our first step with skepticism, while this is perfectly normal, it could be undermining in the sense that it could cloud our judgment and deter possibilities of success. Theres no doubt about it software sells software solves problems for people, makes our life easier, thus it has a high perceived value How Big The Opportunity Really Is? Some of the greatest fortunes in the world were made in software. The people who have the idea of making our life easier by selling their software are Filthy Stinking Rich!.. Anti-Clockwise from below right The Great Bill Gates with his Better Half Melinda Gates, inside his $150 million house on the shores of Lake Washington, inside his private jet with philanthropist friend Warren Buffett, his $50 million Bombardier BD-700 Global Expressone jet, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation An university drop out, according to Forbes, Bill Gates has already donated $30 billion to charities and still worth around $75 billion. Hes been the richest man in the world for 15 out of the last 20 years Clockwise from below left Larry Ellison with girlfriend Nikita Kahn, his previously owned $200 million luxury yacht, one of his dozens of luxury cars. A college dropout, Ellison built his software company, Oracle Corp. According to Forbes, Larry Ellison is the 7th richest man in the world with an estimated worth of around $50 billion, owns Hawaiian island of Lanai Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Jack Dorsey, Matt Mullenweg, Craig Newmark, Jerry Yang, Azim Premji, James Clark, Michael Arrington, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jeff Bezos, Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell, Paul Allen, Sabeer Bhatia, Michael and Xochi Birch, Bill Joy, Eric Schmidt, Pierre Omidyar, Scott McNealy, Mike Lynch, Andy Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Marco Arment, Pete Cashmore, Drew Houston, CeCe Cheng, David Karp most of you have heard of all the big names of software and billions theyve made!.. What you may not know is that theres a huge number of people like us who are quietly becoming independently wealthy with their high paying software business With Software Products That We DIDNT Create Hi, Prince here, and in a moment Im to show you undeniable, real world, documented proof of how our software business made us super wealthy But before we continue, I must add that this is not a get rich quick scheme, this is a real online business system If youre looking for a scam or multi-level-marketing you can pimp online to make money, than you dont belong here and must leave now. be a multi-millionaire in a month or two buying million dollar yacht will be easy for you you will live in a multi-million dollar mansion in no time than this is definitely not for you. No one makes a fortune overnight, not even those super lotto winners!!! It took us months of smart work (not hard work though) to be where we are today. If youre ready to put in some time and effort to be successful in a smart, proven way by building a highly profitable, long term sustainable business on the Internet that will grow with you, than you are welcome to stay on this website because here you will find the surefire way to fulfill all your dreams The great thing about this, it doesnt require any special computer skills or technical knowledge to generate massive, passive income online that will not only be able to take care of your bills every month but build your wealth consistently over time (In Only 1 ClickBank A/C And Thats Not All We Have) Heres from one of our current shopping cart account where we sold over 20,000 copies of a few software products on complete autopilot to generate almost a million dollars within only the last 3 and 1/2 months Software sales could flood your accounts with cash influx every single day To prove it to you, we did a test setting up 4 new ClickBank accounts within a single day, take a look at them somewhere below this page to see how they generated First, let me take you through our journey from broke and burnt out, to living our dreams In the year 2006 after graduating from one of the Top Business Schools, my friend, philosopher & guide Joey refused a bunch of lucrative offers from MNCs. He wanted to live life on his own terms. He was determined to start his own business where he could be his own boss. His dream was to own a profitable franchise but he had very little startup money. He started researching markets that will require as little investment possible, although all the lucrative brick & morter business opportunities looked too expensive that could cost $200,000 to $1,000,000 or more for a startup. That was the hardest time of his life, he struggled for a year and half meeting Big Bosses with his business proposals. Then after some time he realized that he is doing the exact thing he hates to do most after all, this is why he refused to join MNCs. That was a time of great depression for him, he almost lost his dream of having his high paying business venture. I could go on telling you about his struggle but to cut the story short, he was almost broke, lost all his savings even before starting his own business! Fortunately, thats the time he was shown a software venture by a friend of a friend that was secretly making heck of a lot of money, and Joey realized that he could copy this business very easily. Quite cheeky, I know so after some research he took the same software business model, made substantial adjustments to suit his own style of marketing, and the rest as we say is history! At that time, Joey actually started only with his Cellphone and a Laptop on his desk and that was it. He started in a tiny spare room in the basement of his parents house When we look back today, we just cant believe how his software business flourished over last couple of years (Clockwise from left Joeys 2.4 Million Dollar Country Mansion With Personal Home Theater & Indoor Swimming Pool, His Home Office & Super Luxury Convertible Cars “We learn best when we model the success of other successful people” Joey confesses that the software business model he developed, actually adapted from one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. The bottom line is, if you are in short of ideas, dont hesitate to learn from other successful people. Thats what we do to explore lucrative opportunities. If you find a good opportunity, you can do what Joey did he took the software business model that he saw was working, and working very well, but he knew by adding his own tweaks here and there, he could make it better suitable for his own business style, and thats exactly what happened.. That was in the October 2007 within 4 months by February or March time Joey was turning over $25,000 a month easily, with the majority of that being profit, but there were more to come, that was only the beginning our software business has grown over 10 folds on complete autopilot within the last 8 years Are You Chasing Your Dreams Or Living It Like We Do! Imagine Riding These Beauties Just Like We Do! BIG Money Is Made NOT By Working Hard But Working “SMART”! I know this contradicts everything most people have been trained to think work hard and you will reach your goals in life. Well let me ask you this, how many people do you know working all month long 10-12 hours a day and barely bringing home less than $5000 paycheck? I bet a lot! In fact, we were just like that. After losing all our money to the stock market crash of 2008 and without a decent-paying job, me and my sweetheart Jen struggled 14 hours a day to earn our living. We knew that this “Internet stuff” is creating fortunes for so many So we bought almost everything from those so-called Internet Gurus.. With every purchase, we moved our cards closer to being maxed out. If you are like us, you may also have wasted thousands of dollars purchasing those Guru BS and dozens of other worthless junks Havent you desperately tried to figure out all those puzzling pieces without ever getting the promised results! Whens The Last Time You Made Real Money Online? By “Real Money” I am not talking about a couple thousand dollars here and there I am talking about a consistent $30,000 a month and more. If you fall in the category of these internet marketers earning tens of thousands online month after month Congratulations!.. you can leave this page if you wish Although I suggest its time to take your online success to even higher levels You see, we were able to take our $2000 a month online frustrations to $200,000 a month buzzing success within months of starting our very own software business online So can you! What would you do with all the extra money pouring in New cars luxury vacations or a big new house? Weve been able to get all of the above within just 9 months Million Dollar House With Beautiful Swimming Pool & A Mini-bar To Entertain Our Guests & Partying With Friends Fully Loaded Convertible Two Seaters That I Absolutely Love, Exotic Vacations Around The World In 5 Star Luxury So how did that happen after we went completely broke in the stock market crash of 2008? Well, Joey was our high school friend. He never failed to invite us in his late night fun parties. Back then, he had already made his millions online. On the other hand, in search of generating a steady income stream online we got tricked, conned and lied by every Internet Guru and scam peddler out there we felt really miserable and one evening Jen almost broke into tears in front of Joey, she begged him to show us a way out Long story short, with Joeys help, within only months we were able to make 10 times the money we lost in the stock market, we became partners in a multimillion dollar thriving online business empire Not only us though, helping others is part of Joeys nature, within the last year or so, we have helped dozens of our friends, relatives and other people to establish their software business to generate 5, 6, even 7 figure online income “we really cant say thanks enough!” Im really grateful for everything youve done to help me and my husband Riley to overcome the tough time we were going through. My recovery from brain tumor last year compelled me to pull out of the corporate world to be stress free, so I could relax and focus on my healing I was able to quickly replace my salary with the cash generated from the online business you have set up for me We knew this was a big deal when I made over $16,473 in my very first week! Thanks to you, Im now making much more money working from the comfort of my home. During dinner, Riley and I often discuss how fortunate Im to have a wonderful friend like you, and we really cant say thanks enough to Prince & Joey for their support! Thanks for always being a good friend, “this has helped me to generate over $55,000″ This is Brendan from Africa. A couple of months ago when you were traveling here, I came to you asking for a donation. Not only you wrote a hefty donation check, but also offered to help me build a fully automated business on the internet that is supposed to make passive income month after month to raise fund for my charitable works. Truthfully, I thought you were a bit crazy at the time for advising that to someone like me, a full time social worker for an NGO caring for African children in distress. Well, I was so wrong! It was easy as switching on a light bulb. After you made me a member of your 7 figure home biz website, following your step by step instructions I was easily able to build my online business in my spare time with the help of your highly professional support team, and my income literally exploded within days! Till date, this has helped me to generate over $55,000 for charities. Its really unbelievable that I could make that kind of money working in my spare time using only a laptop and mobile internet connection from the remote locations of Africa. The best thing is that while my online income skyrocketed, now I need to spend only a fraction of the time I had to spend on it initially. Seriously, I am really grateful to you and wanted to write to you expressing my deepest gratitude for all that you do to help people. Wish you more success & joy, “I have thrown away all the useless courses I bought over the years spending thousands” This is Daisy here, Im a single mom. For the last two years I was trying very hard to make a living from eBay. Although, I knew that so many people are making huge money online but I was constantly struggling to earn every single penny. Dont know what I was doing wrong trying to learn every trick from all those so called internet gurus. One day, I got this email from someone referring to your website. Something inside my head told me it must be an answer to my prayers, this could help me to make the real difference Now I thank god thousands of times for giving me that one single good judgment. This has changed my life completely. This is amazingly effective system, I was able to easily follow your instructions to startup my fully automated software business The end result? Within a week, I was able to generate 113 sales to make over 4k selling only a few pieces of software products. It seemed unbelievable to me a few weeks ago, but now Im easily making in between $1300 to $2100 each and every day. This is crazy I used to make hardly $2500 a month Now almost every single day this system makes me that much money on autopilot, its like winning jackpots every day even without betting! Now Im hoping to expand my business to achieve even bigger goals. Im very much aware that theres unlimited potential in the internet for example, when we look at the phenomenal success of Facebook, Twitter and even many other startups that are now valued Billions and Billions of dollars within only few years of existing, its apparent that anything is possible online if you have the proper direction and drive. Btw, I have thrown away all the useless courses I bought over the years spending thousands of dollars, simply because they never lead me to the proper direction! Thanks for the 7 figure software business system. Forget Everything Else You Have Heard, Seen Or Tried, You Just Need 3 Things To Make Big Bucks Online Its not rocket science, It really is as simple as that. Im sure you have heard it before:you must have your own products in order to make real money online Having your own products also help you creating your brand name & brand value. All the big names in internet marketing sell their own products, It gives you the flexibility to make money a lot of different ways the possibilities are endless! Of course, the easiest and most profitable way to make money with your own product is to simply market it on its own website. Demand for software products are at an all time high. Hundreds of millions of PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet users are spending billions of dollars purchasing hobby, entertainment to productivity and enterprise level software. With internet revolution, consumers are increasingly demanding instant access to purchased software to download right on their desktops. Undoubtedly, this is the biggest opportunity for budding entrepreneurs & wealth seekers! Legallycopythe business used by the richest & most successful people of the digital age Software is inherently one of the highest margin products sold on the Internet today because unlike hard goods, software does not have additional margins for each copy that is sold. You can automate everything. No Inventory to manage. Nothing to physically ship. Everything could be delivered electronically over the internet. You dont have to be in the same place from one day to the next! You can manage your business from anywhere of the world. The best part? Theres no further effort needed, you can just set it up and forget all about it.. and make money in your sleep.. Developing Your Own Software Products Can Be Expensive & Time Consuming Developing your own software product takes weeks if not months of research plus a lot of effort, dedication, money and time. And thats just the beginning! Well, you can do what the big names in internet marketing do: hire a programmer. But that is expensive. You are looking atthousands of dollars for just one productand that is before you even hire a copy writer and graphic designer! Because once you are done creating your own software, you will than need to hire a copy writer to write your sales letter ($800 and up) and hire a graphic designer to create your mini site ($700 and up) Well, if you consider the costs involved in having even a simple software product developed for you You would be looking at a minimum of$4,000!And after you do all that you will have one product of your own, just one. And that before you even start selling the product and see any profits from it! Its really quite simpleall you have to do is simply skipping the whole time consuming, back breaking and expensive step of actually developing your own software products. So you canstart making money right away.. that is exactly what this letter is all about! Software Products For Mere Pennies On The Dollar! Finally! You can simply skip the hardest steps involved in creating your own software products, instead, instantly set up your online business and focus on what you actually want to do Over the years we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to build our software business empire, as a result we have generated over 19.4 million dollars in software sales. Right here, right now you have the opportunity of owning our entire 7 figure software business in a box consist of that you can stick your name on as an owner to earn money even when you sleep! These are all high demand software products targeted to hot selling niches, and by using our top secret software money makers system you could be easily getting thousands of high paying customers. Most of the software products in this mega business collection comes with a professionally designed high converting money making sales website that you can easily edit within 2 minutes to add your name and payment processing link, like the one from PayPal or ClickBank to collect cash from your online customers. Thats right, you are going to receive hundreds of money making websites, complete with professionally written sales letter, graphics, and even PSD source files in many cases so you can edit the graphics if you want to. It is available RIGHT NOW but theres no guarantee that you will be able to grab this opportunity later. This could be your only chance of owning your ready-to-go, fully customizable, highly profitable software business in a box! This could change your financial situation forever This New Million Dollar Business In A Box Can Easily Make Anyone The Next Internet Millionaire While It Runs On Complete Auto-Pilot! As soon you join the software money makers, you are going to get instant access to the exclusive VIP members area. You dont have to wait weeks for something to arrive in the mail, from the members dashboard you will literally get access to every single Software Products, Tools & Techniques we personally use to make millions online. You will receive step by step software profit blueprints, top secret special reports, manuals, training audio-videos and other valuable resources to guide you through the software money makers system. Not only that, even if you dont know anything about domain, web hosting or setting up your own money making websites, our 24/7 help and support team along with our highly professional 5 member web development team will provide you unlimited help and support assistance to build your fully automated profit pulling software business empire. Heres a brief walk through of everything youre going to get access from inside your VIP Members Area You are going to receive exclusive step by step blueprints that we have created to help you establish your very own highly profitable software business starting from the scratch without any programming skills. With these step by step game plans we are going to take you by the hand and show you exactly what and how to build your online money making empire so that even if you are a total newbie YOU CAN EASILY DO it. Our top clients pay up to $7,500 to attend our software business workshop and private one on one coaching sessions to get these same information, tools and trainings that you are getting here. It doesnt matter anymore if you are in California or Hong Kong, as soon you sign up, you will have everything in your hands to start building your highly profitable software business instantly, even if its 2:00am in the morning. It doesnt matter if you are a total newbie or an internet marketing pro, you will never have to invest in another product that teaches you how to build a successful business on the internet ever again! No holds barred, were handing over to you everything on a silver platter. Software with full source code is the ultimate shortcut to establish your brand name. When a software comes with the source code, it means you can take it and easily turn it into a new product of your own. In some cases, you may simply want to give it a new name (most of the time thats enough to boost your profit), other times, you might want to modify and improve the product by turning it into something better or create a brand new product alltogether. We regularly acquire software programs with full source code and modification rights, hire a programmer to tweak it, to turn it into a solid 6-figure business Weve made a ton of money doing it, thats why weve included in this package with over 50 of our most valuable software products with full source code. This is your opportunity to own not one, not a dozen but FIFTY software products with FULL SOURCE CODE and no restrictions! You can use these source codes as a base for your own brand new software products or sell them as is for huge profits. NOTE: Having unrestricted rights means that you can alter the source code in any way you wish, which is the key to branding yourself and your business identity! You can do what you like with these source code, as if you wrote the code yourself, its totally up to you what you do with them. When it comes down to make it really big online, its no secret that you got to have your own website. Just look at the biggest names on the internet Google, FaceBook, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay they all are websites valued hundreds of billions of dollars. The easiest way of starting niche specific websites are with turnkey website scripts. Thats why they are always on high demand. As a software money makers VIP member you will receive thousands of turnkey scripts & websites with full resale rights! You can sell hundreds of these turnkey website scripts from your software store to generate thousands of dollars every single day You could also build dozens if not hundreds of profit pulling niche sites. Building your websites with these turnkey website scripts are really easy and fun! They all are proven money makers. Just choose your domain like www.NicheWebsiteName.com. Upload your turnkey script to your web host and watch money rolling to your Bank A/c. Having the ability to save time, money and effort is something all businesses online are looking for. Thats where our software comes in! With your software money makers VIP membership you are going to own around 500 of high quality software products with full resale rights. If you consider the development cost of these many high quality software products, you are surely looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in development cost alone. This massive software package allows you to resell each and every product as your own. These are all high demand software and being sold individually every day for up to $500 each. You will receive free lifetime updates and upgrades, we are going to add dozens of brand new software products every month and as a software money makers VIP member you will own resale rights to all these software products too. As we have already discussed, most of the software products in this package come with professionally designed high converting money making sales website that you can easily edit within 2 minutes to add your name and payment processing link to sold them from their own website, or you can sell them from your own software biz store for any price you wish, you can also use them personally to generate a whole lot of other online income streams. In this module we are going to give you some of our most valuable marketing tools that fuel our multi-million dollar software business empire, these tools alone generated over $2,000,000 in sales and will surely help you building your million dollar software business like any seasoned pro. We will also disclose to you all the top secret ways of traditional (and not so traditional) marketing strategies that help online businesses catch on like wildfire. We have specially designed a few marketing blueprints, manuals and step by step guides to help you take your new software business off to a flying start! NOTE: The marketing tools you receive here exclucively for your own use only, you dont have any resale rights to them. *These Tools requires Windows & / Or support for PHP on your web host. Does the idea of creating professional looking profitable websites sound irresistibly appealing to you? In this module youre going to get a great deal of high quality web design resources specially developed to help you boost your software business. With just a little web designing skill, using these professionally developed software business Templates Graphics Logos Ecovers Headers Banners Plr Articles you can easily customize your software biz store or any of your software products to make it look Unique to achieve higher conversion, more sales and much more profit. Heres what you get inside this package, you are going to Love It 10 sets of professionally designed highest quality software business templates with sales pages, squeeze pages, thankyou pages, review pages, adsence pages and full set of graphics with psd source files. These templates are all huge profit boosters. Software business graphics pack with around 1000 stunning web graphics, use them to make your websites look highly professional, liven up your sale pages with color and images to increase your sales. 100s of professional logo designs with fully editable psd source files. You could easily create attractive logo web business to create your online business identity. Dozens of professionally designed eCovers like Box Covers, CD Case, DVD Case, Ezine Covers, Membership Cards, Spiral Bound Covers etc. Dozens of professionally designed website headers to give your websites a new attractive look. 1000s of professionally written software related plr articles, you can use them as fresh contents for your websites or for your marketing campaign to start huge cash flow. As our VIP member you will receive unlimitedhelp & assistance to establish your software business. We have appointed this sweet girl named Emma, you can contact her from your members area. Emma will process all your queries to present to us directly then again she will reply you back on our behalf. This whole process could take about 48-hrs or so. Currently all help and assistance could be provided via email, software money makers blog and our online help desk. Soon live help & free telephone support could be provided. For any queries, you can submit a ticket at our online Help Desk This closely guarded fully automated system works perfectly well with a Free PayPal account, see how it looks like any time of the day in one of our members PayPal account Enough to put your multi-million dollar software business in . If you do that nothing more, nothing less the results will be hard to believe . There are no excuses, anyone can do this This means that no matter what your level of experience or skill is, with software money makers system you can easily establish your software empire online following these 3 simple steps So, How Much Cash Could One Make “This is a no brainer! If you are serious about building the most profitable online business smartest way possible than you Need This..” I can truly say that I am blown away by the 7 figure software business system! This is the most lucrative online business opportunity for any serious home business seeker. After joining the vip membership, within the first 30 days I was able to setup a dozen income streams online that are making me an average $5,139 a day and this is just the beginning. This is it. Anyone who is determined to make it big online should JOIN immediately. This is a no brainer! If you are serious about building the most profitable online business smartest way possible than you Need This.. Sign Up follow a few steps click a button or two upload your turnkey websites and BOOM!.. you have your software money machine online ready to make you money even in your sleep. All within 23 minutes flat. Im Lovin It! I made good money as an internet marketer, but didnt get wealthy like you guys by any means. I knew that I needed my own high quality products to make it really big online. I also knew that people are making insane amount of money from software, but I didnt have the technical know how, so I tried to hire a team of developers to transform one of my ideas to a profit pulling software. Do you know what happened? They gave me an estimation of $9,500 and I had to pay half of that amount up-front to start developing a single piece of software product. Truthfully I wasnt ready to take that risk, so I pulled back from that deal. I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw your offer of 7-figure software business. This is a dream come true to legally own hundreds of highly profitable software products for pennies on the dollar. Sign Up follow a few steps click a button or two upload your turnkey websites and BOOM! ..you have your software money machine online ready to make you money even in your sleep. All within 23 minutes flat. Im Lovin It! This has had such an effect that now Im really on my way to 7 figure yearly income. Only last month my software business generated 6 figure in sales and have the most satisfied customer base which loves buying from me again and again. The combination of a larger database of customers and cash flow is very exciting to say the least. Thanks for presenting this huge opportunity to serious online wealth seekers like me. This Testimonial Spot Has Been Reserved For You! Wed like you to be our next success story. It could happen faster and a whole lot easier than you could think of. But it wont happen if you sit back and do nothing. Now is the time! Today is the best day for decision making But first, listen carefully, this is a real business and you have to treat it like one. Let me be honest with you, if you are broke already, this is not for you. If you have but $100 to your name, I will say, please go pay your rent, your car note, and put food on the table for your family. Were NOT here to make money out of you. We have already made a fortune and continue earning more every passing day from our own thriving online businesses. The only reason we are here because we want to help you establish your own money making software business empire. What this means is, if you come on board with the kind of get rich quick mentality then you may fail easily, as a matter of fact thats why 99% of the people fail in any business, because of the get rich quick mentality. But if you approach this as a sustainable online business to generate passive income stream, then those 30K-50k months will surely come even sooner. You know there is a reason why banks usually ask you for proof of income or liquidity before offering a business loan, they need to be sure that you are serious and able to make your business WORK. This is the mentality everyone looking into this opportunity need to have, the I can make it work mentality, not that Im broke or on the verge of being BROKE mentality. So How Much Does This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity Cost? Well, some of our multi-millionaire friends have suggested that we must charge at least $2,000 (Two Grand) for the Software Money Makers membership. They really find it hard to believe that their multi-million dollar software business can go to your hands this easily. At this moment they are feeling little anxious. May be they think that living a millionaires lifestyle is their patented right or so! Even worse, few other software marketers are quite angry on us for giving you access to this extremely profitable business system. Some of them have gone even further to threaten us Well, we couldnt care less. You see, if we wanted to sell the Software Money Makers for $2,000 or more, we could have done it very easily. Many of our past clients have paid us $5,000 or more for helping them to set up their software businesses online. That way we could easily make another million or so by marketing this at a much higher price. But thats not our goal here. We already are rich enough to live at our hearts desire we feel its our responsibility now to help others to achieve their dream too So, NO! We are not going to charge you $2,000 as some of our millionaire friends have suggested. Please dont mind, but we know that many of you could not manage that even to encash a billion dollar opportunity so not even close to that You and I both know now that Software Money Makers could change your financial situation forever. After today you will never have to worry about spending every single penny out of your pockets. Establishing a profitable software business will give you not only financial freedom but freedom of choices. Freedom of living your life in your own terms. Freedom from your strict monthly budget, fixed annoying timetableThats the picture perfect lifestyle you once dreamed for yourself and your family. Right! Well, I am here to tell you that dream could be your reality soon enough if you only change your limiting beliefs about making money the hard way and take the steps towards proven shortcuts of the digital age. You must agree with us here that a onetime $497 investment for this life changing opportunity is more than fair. Many of our Software Money Makers VIP Members are earning this much money in an hour or two. But we also know how bad the situation could be in your side! Even a few hundred dollars investment for the betterment of your own future may seem like impossible to manage for now. 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